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Jair Oliveira Brito, a humble villager  decide to create his own kitesurf school after 5 years working on a school that was set on Salamansa. With the help of one of his client (Markus Bogli) he was able to create his own  school and help his villlage.

Now with the help of many people (national and international) he has the only oficial kitesurf school with international certification.

He receives on average  160 clients per year.


Learning kitesurf

Jair is the only certified instructor in São Vicente so you can expect the best from him.

Equipment rental

We can just rent you Surf boards, Kitesurf Boards adn Bodyboards

Line fishing

Experiment how to fish only with a line and hook on a boat


We can arrange transfer from city or airport to salamansa

Snack Bar

You can ask for a drink ,eat a snack or local food on a beach snack bar


If you don't have a place to stay in salamansa we can provide you a place to stay


  • (+238) 957 75 29
  • kitesurfsalamansa@gmail.com
  • Salamansa. São Vicente, Cabo Verde